why do we love Italy?

I don't think there is a modern day publication that hasn't had, at one time or another, an 'Italian edition'.  Food, design, architecture, fashion, automobiles, sport, industrial (be it mechanisation, packaging, or engineering).. are simply a few items on the long list of Italian contributions to the world.

Gli oleandri nella brezza (Oleanders in the breeze) is about all the things I enjoy most about Italy.  There are drawbacks of course, examples of the, oddly enough, complications of what many regard as a simplier life.  Simple proof that living, regardless of geography, contains common threads.   

Still, la bella Italia, warts and all, continues to inspire us, beckon us, and romance us with her history and traditions, as well known as her long Sunday lunches and Mamma's boys.  Don't be fooled, however, Italia is far from static and I believe that there is a growing Italian youth who are getting ready to make history of their own.

The title just refers to the ubiquitous Mediterranean plant, the oleander, that grows all over the boot shaped peninsula.  It's pink flowers, still in the oven-like temperatures of a summer day, begin to sway as the sun settles and afternoon gives way to evening's cool ocean breeze.  Sit down beside her, have an aperitivo or glass of lightly chillled wine and take in her gentle perfume. 

Only one of the reasons I love Italy.

If you are an Italophile, or an aficionado of any Mediterranean country, I'd love to hear what it is the sparked your love affair.


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